NHH Auxiliary

Who We Are

The smile that greets you at the door; a helping hand in the Day Surgery clinic; a cheerful presence as you browse the Little Treasure Shop...all of these and more are the faces of Northumberland Hills Hospital volunteers.

Northumberland Hills Hospital is the proud home of one of the most active hospital auxiliaries in the province. This Auxiliary is a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the patient care provided by the Northumberland Hills Hospital. For more than 90 years, we have been helping to deliver quality health care in west Northumberland.

With over 400 members of all ages, the Northumberland Hills Hospital Auxiliary contributes thousands of hours of service to the hospital each year. Of our total membership, we have approximately 350 active members, 50 associate members and 22 lifetime members - all of whom are strongly dedicated to maintaining our proud tradition.

Current Executive:

President: Pat Page Hoisak
Vice President: Selena Forsyth
Past President: Gayle Metson
Director, Finance: Brian Driscoll
Director, Inpatient Care: Amy Penny
Director, Ambulatory Care: Margaret Hilborn
Director, Communications and Public Relations: Selena Forsyth
Director, Volunteers: Linda Smith
Director, Fund Raising: Brian Driscoll

Where We're Active

NHH Auxiliary volunteers support the Hospital in two primary areas: patient services and fundraising.

Patient Services

Inquiry Desk:
The welcoming face of the hospital, the Inquiry Desk is located on the first floor, immediately inside the hospital's main entrance. This desk is exclusively staffed by volunteers, who use a directional map and individual map cards to assist patients and visitors with hospital wayfinding.

Auxiliary volunteers provide support in many NHH clinics, including: Admitting, CT, Cardiology, Chemotherapy, Day Surgery, Dialysis, ER, Lab Support, Women's Health.

Inpatient Support:
Auxiliary volunteers also provide support to NHH's inpatient units, including: Medical/Surgical Units, Maternal/Child Care, Rehab/Complex Care, Palliative Care.


Little Treasure Shop:
The Little Treasure Shop is operated by the NHH Auxiliary. Gifts, baby and toddler clothes, toys, cards, magazines and confections may be purchased from the Gift Shop located on the first floor, near the main entrance of the hospital. The Shop is open seven days a week, Monday to Thursday 9AM-8PM, Friday 9AM-5PM, and weekends 1PM-4PM.

Petticoat Lane:
Petticoat Lane is a volunteer-run thrift shop, located at 25 Munroe Street (behind the beer shop - Division/Munroe Streets) in Cobourg. Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Petticoat Lane accepts gently used clothing for the whole family, shoes, household linens, jewellery, and small decorative items, e.g. lamps. We do not accept electronic goods.

H.E.L.P.P. Lottery:
The H.E.L.P.P. Lottery desk is located in the front entrance of the hospital, across from the Inquiry Desk. Tickets are sold Monday to Friday, 9AM-3PM and Saturday and Sunday, 2PM-4PM.

Craft Sales:
A dedicated group of crafters works at home and in the Volunteer Room on Tuesdays, producing hand-made items for sale at the hospital. Sweaters, quilts and baby clothes are just  few of the beautiful pieces visitors may purchase at the Crafters' table beside the Main Street Bistro on the first floor.




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